Monday, October 23, 2006

Three Strikes law

Dear Aiden, I am Eva. My school number:2092200084 In my opinion, I think that the Three Strikes law shouldn't be used to send nonviolent criminals to prison. There are three reasons. Firstly, the Punishment must be in proportion to the crime. Secondly, because the law increases the length of sentences, it has raised the average length of stay for the prison population. The government needs more money to build new prisons, and as inmates age, the cost of housing them increases due to age-related illness and the associated health care costs. Finally, it will make the high tax for the citizens. There are no advantages between the government and nonviolent crimes. In conclusion, it's a very severe law, the one that takes away a person's freedom for life. It's not something to be applied just because we're mad at bad behavior. Only violent crimes are serious enough to warrant such a drastic sentence.

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Thanks for sending in your recording. It was cut short. I was not able to hear the rest of the recording but I was able to catch some errors. Please take note of the way you pronounce the following words.

crimes (not crai-mes)
criminal (not crai-mee-nal)

I hope that you would take note of the correct pronunciation. You could look them up at

Thanks again for doing the work.

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