Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Recording voice for Assignment of Three Strikes Law

Hi Aiden This is Sylvia. First, I apologized that I could not record and send my voice to answer the question of Three Strikes law. Therefore, I send my opinion on your blog. In my person opinion, I half-and-half agree that nonviolent criminal should be send prison for the rest of their lives. If someone were the first of nonviolent crime, he or she would need one more chance to mend his or her nonviolent behavior. On the other hand, if the nonviolent criminal were a recidivism, the criminal 100% should be used to send to prison for their rest of lives. Even though nonviolent criminal could not harm others people's life, however they bring the alarm of abashed for the people who live nearly with he or she. In brief, in the different situation, using appreciated law is justice for nonviolent criminals. Sincerely, Sylvia

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