Wednesday, October 18, 2006

assignment on 12 Oct.

Dear Aiden, Here is Ann(2092200159). First, I want to say sorry for my mistake. It is that I had sent my assignment on 16 Oct. to wrong email box. (I sent it to Hope you can forgive me. Second, I re-record the assignment of the three strikes law and whish you can accept it. Sincerely, Ann Chung

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Many thanks for submitting your work. The recording was loud and clear. I understood most of it :-) I was able to catch some errors and I took some of them down. Please note the correct way of pronouncing these words. You may go to for pronunciation guidelines.

strike (not streeks)
jail (not ja-yel)
according to reporting (should be 'according to the report')


law- sounded like (rule)

done (sounded like 'dang')

criminals (not crai-mee-nals)

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