Thursday, October 05, 2006

Assignment for 10/11/2006

Listen to the audio material and take down notes. Type and submit your work on 10/11. Emailed assignments won't be accepted.

Deadly School Shootings Point to Untreated Mental Problems By Rosanne Skirble Washington04 October 2006

Tips on taking notes:

Listen for the main idea and details.
Jot down keywords and phrases
Jot down names of places, people, dates and state their relation to the main idea/message

We will discuss this report in class.


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Dear Aiden,
I think the Three Strikes law should be used to send nonviolent criminals to prison for the rest of their lives. There is no an excuse, because they have two chances to know what they done. Not only reducing the criminal percentage is important, but also giving guidances is main point to people. These are why I agree.
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