Monday, September 25, 2006

Check your assignment status

You can help me doublecheck and update the Grades file by downloading it from the Links area (see sidebar, under Links)

The first assignment was to create your bubbleshare album, record your self-intro and post it on the blog.

Half already submitted their work, while the other half- hmm, still have not submitted. Since this is outside the classroom online work, you could still post your self-intros here. However, you will receive a grade for late submissions.

Please note that I don't accept late paper assignments- so better keep this in mind.


Hi~ Dear Aide
How do you do? This is Carol Li here. My school No. is 2092200064.
Blog is new fashion and very interesting. I spent a lot of time to watch other's. That's good and fun!
See you tomorrow and have a good day~
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